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Wilmington NC

The city of Wilmington, NC is one of the state’s most historic, blending modern technology and a 21st century economy with antebellum architecture and pre Revolutionary War history. While under British rule, Wilmington was an important port and played a major role in resisting the overreaching policies like the tax act that eventually roused the colonists to revolt.  Some of the most famous pirates of the early 18th century like Edward  “Blackbeard” Teach, whose flagship the Queen Anne’s Revenge went aground just north of here at Topsail Inlet, and Stede Bonnet who was captured in the Battle of Cape Fear River, frequently operated in the area. During the Civil War this was the busiest Confederate port for blockade runners bringing in badly needed supplies from England until it was captured by the North in February, 1865. Because the Battle of Wilmington was fought primarily outside of town, many pre war buildings survived.  Today this is a modern American city, and one of the fastest growing in the country having nearly tripled in population since 1990. 

The expansion of Wilmington NC has been driven by a diverse modern economy, pulling in jobs in the film and TV industry, the tech and R&D sector, modern health care, tourism, and more.  As the population boomed, the home builders moved in right behind them, and a large percentage of the houses on the market here today have been built in the last twenty years.  From small starter homes perfect for first time buyers to the largest ultra modern beach homes you’ll see evidence of modern home design concepts like open floor plans.  As you move into the mid sized homes things like granite counters, custom wood cabinetry, tile or hardwood floors and stainless steel appliances become fairly common.  And of course the luxury market is a mix of beautiful historic estates, some of which date back to the antebellum period, and stunning ultra modern homes. My name is Sandy Thornton and I arrived here thirteen years ago and within a year decided to switch careers so that I could help other people find homes in the community I have come to love.  Give me a call if you want more information about Wilmington or the beautiful homes for sale here.

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Oct 15, 2017 - Light rain starting in the afternoon, continuing until evening.

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